Summer Home Design Tips

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You don’t need the help of expensive professional interior designers to brighten up your home for the summer! These quick 20 tips will show you just how easy it is to do this on your own!


Tips for the Indoors


  1. Create a brighter bedroom – This can be as easy as purchasing a set of vibrant new linens, summer throws, pillow cases, etc.!


  1. Create a brighter bathroom – Adding bright new towels in the season’s trendiest colours (blue, yellow, aqua, etc.) can go a long way to creating a livelier atmosphere in your bathroom! Matching your shower curtains and bath mat to the towels could also add a lovely, personal touch!


  1. Paint your walls – If you can do this yourself, painting your walls is one of the cheapest ways to freshen up your home! Choose your colours and designs carefully to fit in with the rest of your home décor!



  1. Add flowers – Different flowers can look fabulous in various settings, and they can add colour to any room. Choose flowers carefully,





  1. Add some artwork – Pastel prints are a popular trend this season, but any form of artwork, depending on the style of your home, can have a great effect! You can find different artwork in various galleries, or frame some of your own or your children’s works of art!


  1. Replace your cushion covers – Matching your cushions to your rug, carpet or curtains, is an affordable option that helps to create a theme and/or colour scheme in your home. There are endless options of colours and patterns that you could use for this.


  1. Add a basket – Putting a plant in a basket is a great way of making a plant stand out more in a room. It’s a great way to spice up the look of a plant and to create a warm, friendly environment.


  1. Add curtains – Curtains, unlike plain blinds, can soften the feel of a room, as well as provide shade from the sun and heat. They also protect your furniture from fading!


  1. Add some colour through window dressings – Curtains can also be a great way to introduce more colour into your home. You can choose from a variety of colours and patterns that will best suit your existing colour scheme and style.


  1. Add one strong colour for a dramatic effect – If you’re afraid of making drastic colour changes that will be difficult to fix if you end up disappointed with the results, a great way to add colour in a quick, simple, yet bold way is to add small items with dramatic, strong colours. This is especially effective in rooms otherwise missing strong hues. You can do this with bright cushion covers, bright linens, etc.


Create a seamless outdoor-indoor transition:


  1. Add mirrors – Hanging up mirrors in places where they are able to reflect the outdoors/garden/plants/sky is a great way to brighten up a room and make it seem more spacious; it is also a great way to bring some of the outdoors inside!


  1. Match the outside of your home with its interior design – To create a natural flow between the indoors and outdoors of your home, select items that match with your interior design to put on your porch and/or balcony. An outdoor rug or welcome mat that matches the colour combinations inside is a great way to do this!


  1. Match the inside of your home with its outdoor environment – Get inspired by what you see outside your windows! Pink cushions on the couch can draw attention to any pink flowers visible from the window. If you don’t have any plants outside, use various shades of blue to match your home with the sky; or use colours like green that are normally associated with the outdoors.


  1. 1 Add a plant to your house décor – Plants have a way of fitting in to almost any interior design; they add texture, colour, and a lively atmosphere to any home. Choosing the right plant for you may depend on the size of the plant you want, maintenance costs, and the care required to keep it healthy.


  1. Add flowers – Different flowers can look fabulous in various settings, and they can add colour to any room. Choose flowers carefully, keeping in mind the colour scheme and style of your home.


  1. Pots with herbs and fragrants – These can add a lovely green touch to your home, as well as a pleasant scent! The terracotta pots usually used in holding herbs can be decorated in many different ways, adding a hand-made, personal, warm touch to your home.


Tips for the Outdoors


  1. De-clutter: Spring cleaning, de-cluttering and creating a cleaner space outdoors is the first step to creating a pleasant environment that can later be improved with additions of various other features.


  1. Clear up the pavement: Although this is a simple and relatively easy step, it makes a huge difference! Freshening up your pavement by filling the gaps with white sand can create a cleaner, newer looking effect.


  1. Add some plants: Brighten up your home’s exterior with the addition of different plants and flowers. Vertical gardens are a big trend this year, and pots to mount on walls outside are easily available and easy to use!


  1. Add some DIY furniture: Summer is the perfect time to host outdoor social events. Create more flexibility for seating arrangements with the addition of some outdoor furniture. There are many DIY furniture options to choose from online that are relatively simple and serve both functional and aesthetic purposes!


  1. Add some appropriate lighting: Hot summer nights mean having a meal outdoors is not necessarily restricted to parties and social events! Making sure you have appropriate lighting is crucial – you want to ensure everyone can see each other and the food! Lanterns and candles can help to create a soft, intimate atmosphere!


These easy-to-follow tips will make all the difference in your home décor and atmosphere this summer!