In-Vogue Interior Design in 2015

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The latest trends in interior design can give us inspiration for re-designing our homes. Following a trend doesn’t mean trying to be like everyone else – we can use trends as a form of inspiration and apply them to our homes in our own, unique ways.




  1. Blue –

No matter the shade, blue is making a big comeback this year. From bed linens to couch cushions, blue can be used to work with many other colours – all you need to do is look out at the sky and nature and see for yourself which combinations could work for you!


  1. Dawn/Dusk Palette –

This combination of muted neutrals, soft pinks, browns, smoky greys and blues work well with the Australian climate and fit in fabulously with Australian nature. They work well with a variety of textures and will look amazing on any wall, cushion or piece of furniture.


  1. Marsala: the Pantone colour of the year –

If the above palette isn’t exactly your style, warm shades such as Marsala may do the trick for you. Other deep neutral hues such as Olive Green work well with Marsala and can add a strong accent to any room!


  1. Floral prints –

Although this continues to be a yearly trend, this year, a loose, water-colour floral print is the way to go. This can work well in combination with objects of solid colours from the same palette.




  1. Gold –

This can be used as a metallic colour on many objects, but can also function as a material. From sink taps to picture frames, gold can make a great addition to rooms with bold colours and already exiting silver, steel, and metallic fixtures.


  1. Minerals –

Handmade stone, ceramic, marble, or sand homeware are a popular addition to any room in the house, from bathrooms to living rooms. You can apply this trend to various items: bowls, vases, artworks, etc.


  1. Animal hide –

This is a continuing trend, but will be seen in many more variants and objects than in previous years. It isn’t restricted to rugs; cushions, throw blankets, as well as artwork will see a rise in the use of cow (and other animal) hides.


  1. Embellished edges –

This year there’s a real interest for items with a handmade feel to them. Weaving, knotting and quilting have become popular on cushions, blankets, etc., and the most popular items tend to have embellished edges.




  1. Wallpaper –

Plain, white/beige walls are being replaced with statement wallpaper that allows for more colour, more texture, and more self-expression! If you’re unwilling to cover a whole wall, wall decals are available in many different varieties and can be used to spice up a room!


  1. The artists’ palette –

Water colour prints, paint splatters, blobs and abstract design are once again in style. Items such as cushions, linens, curtains, etc. with various patterns, could help many upcoming artists interested in DIY make a name for themselves!




  1. Layering patterns, textures and styles –

Carefully mixing and matching different textures, styles and patterns is a rising new trend. Mixing woods, metals, floral prints, velvets and leather, can produce an interesting, unique result when done well!


  1. Mid-century modern –

This is a throwback to the modern designs of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Vintage pieces such as lamps, cushions, plates and clocks will make lovely additions to homes of various styles.


  1. White on white –

This continuing trend of minimalism creates a calm environment and a fresh feel. Layering different textures (woods and metals) in rooms in this style, can add an interesting and unique touch.


We hope this list of trends inspires you to try out new, interesting, unique combinations of styles and designs that will liven and brighten up your homes this year!