Building Your Very Own Bali Hut

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How To Correctly Build Your Own Bali Hut


Bali Huts are often seen on tropical resort islands.  They are beautiful and a great escape from the hot sun during the day as well as being a great place to enjoy a glass of wine with a loved one at night.

Sounds amazing, right?


You can buy a premade Bali Hut or you can don your power tools and take on this DIY project.

bali hut gazebo


To correctly build your own Bali hut you will need the following:



  • Electric drill with screw bits
  • Electric saw or hand saw
  • Hammer
  • Staple gun
  • Level
  • Chalk String
  • 2 tall ladders



  • 3” long galvanized deck screws
  • Roofing nails
  • Heavy duty staples
  • 3” metal L-brackets



  • Thatching material for the roof
  • 1”x 1” furring strips
  • 2”x 4” treated lumber
  • 2”x 6” treated lumber
  • 8” x 8” treated lumber posts


The amount of these materials will depend on the size of your Balinese Huts so do you calculations so you know how much to have of each item before you start your project.


Decide if you want your Bali Hut to be a simple standing structure with posts and a roof or if you want a deck and steps.


Have a drawing of your Bali Hut.  Walk the area that you want your Bali Hut.   Once you determine that there is plenty of space by using the exterior dimensions, make sure the ground is flat, level and free of debris.


  • Use your chalk string to clearly mark where your hut will be using your design measurements.


  • Put a stake into each corner where your posts will be.  Dig the holes for the posts, set the posts, and make sure they are level.  Backfill the posts and stabilize them with 2”x 4” on either side.


  • Cut four 2”x 6” sections of lumber according to the external distance of your posts.  Note: The lumber for the sides will butt up against the other lumber posts while the front and back lumber should extend past your posts by about 2”.


  • Make sure to secure the back piece by screwing it in place first, then moving to the sides before completing the front.


  • Cut two 6” pieces of the 2”x 6” lumber and screw them all together to form a box.


  • Take 4 pieces of the 2”x 6” lumber and make 45 degree angle cuts.


  • Take your two latters and put them in the center of your Bali hut.  Place one of the 2”x 6” lumber pieces on the corner post and lift the other end to the top of the latter in the center.  Have someone complete those same steps on the other side.  Screw a wood block between the two 2”x 6” lumber pieces and screw into place.


  • Repeat these steps with the other corners.


  • Attach your metal L-brackets to every post and joint and secure them in place with screws.


Your roof support is complete.


  • Begin to cut your 2”x 4” into 8 sections about 2 feet long each.  Make 45 degree cuts on one end only.


  • Create a brace on both sides of the roof support by placing two at an angle in-between the corners of the roof supports. Screw all this into place to support it.


  • Next, you will need a 2”x 4” center support on both sides of the hut and secure to the 2” x6” lumber and the center block with screws.  This will be the support for your thatch.


  • Leaving 10” in-between furring strips, nail them across the roof supports.


  • Cut your thatch to match the length of your roof and staple in place.


There you go, a Bali Hut completed in one weekend.


My last remaining piece of advice with building your Bali Hut is like any DIY projects, make sure you have everything you need and placed out before you begin your project.


Would you build your own Bali Hut or buy one already done for you?

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Here is a video of the guys at Aarons putting together a bali hut – they make it look so easy!!